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Season 1 - Episode 13 - Stefanie Valakas Founder of The Dietologist shares how COVID was the best thing to happen to her business

Season #1 Episode #13

In this episode Stefanie Valakas Founder of The Dietologist & Award Winning Australian Expert In Fertility Nutrition shares her learnings from starting a business in her 20's and everything she has learned along the way to have a successful business with a team behind her.

We also discussed how COVID was the best thing to happen for her business and why she felt a little guilty about it, strategies on how to build trust and sell online.

Stefanie Valakas APD is an expert fertility dietitian & nutritionist and founder of The Dietologist. Stefanie and her team of fertility & pregnancy dietitians are dedicated to excellence in nutrition for reproductive health concerns, fertility & pregnancy. Her passion for nutrition in this space has truly grown from her experience helping her clients online from around the world and also through her own personal experiences of navigating a diagnosis of endometriosis.  

Stefanie has been recognised for her contributions in the fertility nutrition arena as a finalist for the Dietitian of the Year Awards for 2020-21, The Dietologist has been awarded multiple awards for their excellence in nutrition care and Best Pregnancy & Fertility Nutrition Clinic in 2022.


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