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Mentorship customised the way you want it.

From an Accountant who has walked the walk and understands what it is like to build a firm and feel alone.


My firm Two Sides Accounting is a 100% remote accounting and bookkeeping firm that has grown rapidly since its inception in 2017.

This photo is me back in 2017, I made the scary decision to leave a partnership of 5 years in which I was a 40% equity partner and earning a comfortable partner salary to start my very own firm from the spare room in my house. I was equal parts excited and scared that I had made the wrong decision. Looking back now I wish I had done it sooner. Have I loved every minute? No but I wouldn't change it for the world and I am now living my best life with an amazing team to enable me to do so.

Throughout my career I have held positions from receptionist to accounts payable, receivable, financial accountant, bookkeeper and finance manager in various businesses from small to multinational so I guess you could say I know a bit about business.

Marketing is my second love after accounting but I am also passionate about procedures, templates and checklists,  automation, tech, sales, offshoring (I have experience with two BPOs and hiring direct) and I guess you could say I don't mind speaking on a stage.

I have grown a successful business that enables me to be off the tools so I can explore my other passions and also to be able to travel without my laptop. So if this sounds like something you would like to do, you are in the right place.

I know how lonely it can be in those first years, second guessing yourself and every move you make and I am here to guide you to empower you to grow the business you have always dreamed of. Will it be hard? Hell yes. But it will be equally rewarding.

If you want to hear my full story it is all in the first episode of my podcast The Totally Bossing It Podcast, listen here:

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Our mentoring options are 1:1 monthly calls with access to our Facebook group with the option to add on an additional group monthly call or a full day intensive where I come and visit you and we go all in on your business to ensure you are set up for absolute success.


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Jenny Theodore - Eire Consulting

"I was very excited to join Two Sides Academy when Natalie launched the program! Having only recently started my own practice, this type of support, coaching and mentorship was exactly what I was looking for. I had my first mentoring session with Natalie this week and we squeezed so much into the hour. I was comfortable being totally transparent about my pain points, concerns and also business aspirations. Natalie talked openly about her experience and shared valuable insights  that I can now leverage off. Two Sides Academy is a no-brainer for anyone starting a practice!"